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Introducing IP-MobileCast service, an economical solution for crew morale and welfare, providing multicast delivery of licensed content directly to subscribing vessels

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Commercial maritime operators know the challenge of managing broadband access on their vessels, especially with the recently implemented crew welfare requirements of MLC-2006, which recommend onboard access to films, television programs, email, Internet, and phone communications.

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  • Provides licensed content for crew use, including news, current release movies, and entertainment to meet MLC-2006 requirements for crew welfare
  • Content is delivered automatically in the background over the top of the mini-VSAT Broadband network
  • Does not use vessel’s data plan and does not affect onboard speeds at all
  • Delivers hundreds of gigabytes per month of content to the vessel with a separate datastream
  • Available globally throughout the mini-VSAT Broadband network
  • Lets crew use media in their cabin or in the common areas using Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • Remote management and control by KVH, no burden for IT or crew onboard
  • Obsoletes physical delivery of DVDs or content to ships
  • Enables large files like the entire ECDIS ENC global chart database to be delivered automatically

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